I hate editing, but I love…

I hate editing but I love reading things I’ve written weeks ago and coming across passages like this:

“How do you do this?”
I giggled at his confusion. I’m not normally a giggler, but I couldn’t help it. “This… how do you do this to my body? You always know exactly what to do. You always know exactly how tooooo….”
His hands returned to my breasts as he shifted position. The blanket fell away, exposing me to the elements.
“I listen…”
I chewed my lip and squirmed beneath him. I was beginning to think he was showing off. Every touch, every single touch, made my body sing.
“I listen to every little breath and every silent sigh. I hear the beating of your heart and the pulse of the blood in your veins. I notice every time your eyelids flicker, every time your lip trembles. And I taste…”
Oh God, his fingers were replaced with warm lips and the prickle of his stubble as he began to repeat his explorations of my breasts with lips, teeth and tongue.
“Oh… Oh…. is this…. is this a shifter thing?”
“Hmph,” he made a noncommittal grunt in the back of his throat before replying, “it’s a shifter thing. It’s an alpha thing. It’s a pride thing.”
I got it. He wanted to be the best. He had to be the best.
I relaxed and let him be the best. His mouth made his way from my breasts, leaving a trail of nibbling kisses down my torso and across my thighs. When he reached his destination I arched my back, rising to meet him as I locked my legs around his neck, my lower body supported by the knotted muscles of his wide shoulders. It wasn’t long before I gave him a lot more to listen to.
I had to admit that while I still wasn’t sold on the idea of sleeping under the stars, this was a pretty good way to wake up.


Oh and I have a cover and title now. I might reveal them soon, but it could be a mailing list exclusive, so sign up, sign up!

Howling Good Deals and a Howling Good Prize

I’m happy to be participating in a 99c Shifter Romance weekend. It’s this weekend from Friday 17th to Sunday the 19th. Ten great shifter titles reduced to just 99c each for the weekend and a chance to win a $100 Amazon of B&N voucher!

Disclaimer: In theory the following titles will be 99c this weekend, but there is always a chance that a price change may not go through for technical reasons (or human error). And obviously I have no control over the price of books that are not my own.

Here is a list of the ten books included in the promotion:

Hunted: A Shifter’s World Novella – Ruby Fielding (Amazon | B&N)

To Catch a Wolf – Lynn Red (Amazon | B&N)

Pack Mistress – Evelyn Lafont (Amazon | B&N)

The Killing Moon – V J Chambers (Amazon | B&N)

The Witch Who Cried Wolf – Sarah Makela (Amazon | B&N)

Taming The Alpha – Adriana Hunter (Amazon | B&N)

The Alpha’s Mate – Michelle Fox (Amazon | B&N)

Hunter’s Moon – Tabitha Connal (Amazon | B&N)

Resisting The Alpha – Liliana Rhodes (Amazon | B&N)

and of course

Curves for the Lone Alpha – Molly Prince (Amazon)

I’ve already read a couple of these and will be buying a couple more for sure! Don’t forget that the best thing you can do to help out an independant author is to leave a positive review if you enjoyed their book!

So what about this $100 gift card I mentioned?

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It’s supposed to display on the page, but I can’t seem to get it to work :( I’m really not good at this kind of stuff! Update: It may be working now. Woop Woop! If you still cant see it try  clicking here.

Anyway, this shifter author group is an ongoing thing so I’m quite excited to see how that goes. Now back to writing!

To Cliffhanger or not to Cliffhanger… that is the question.

Lone Alpha was written as both a standalone story, and possibly the start of a longer narrative. In TV terms it was a pilot episode and whether or not it became a series depended on how it was received. Fortunately… YAY! It was pretty well received and so I’m neck deep in the next episode as we speak. I have, in fact, just written the epilogue. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean I’ve finished. But I know where this story ends, and I’ve written the beginning, so I figure now I just have to fill in the blanks.

However, I’m a bit nervous about the fact that it ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. I know a lot of people don’t like cliffhangers. But, and this is a little hard to explain. It is a complete story and it doesn’t end on a “romantic” cliffhanger… I’m not crazy enough to deprive people of their happy ending whether it’s for now or for ever. The cliffhanger is just a nice little hook for what happens next.  That said I know a lot of people don’t like serials in general, so I’m hoping the ones that do don’t mind a little hook to prime them for more.

Anyway, I’m mostly just stressing out loud. It’s either that or gnaw on my fingernails.

Right, back to writing about Carrie hitting Kent in the face with a lamp!

Chapter 5 – James

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I posted here. The holida’s have just been so hectic for so many reasons and as a result I’ve struggled to find much in the way of writing time. I think I’m struggling with the next book in general. I have a story. I have an outline. I think I’ve found our characters place in the story… but some of it just isn’t coming together.

One thing I am enjoying is that fact that I’ve gotten to write a couple of action scenes for the first time which is a lot of fun. Action films, bad action films are my guilty pleasure. If I can’t sleep I’ll just pick a random straight to video action film on Netflix and that’ll usually do the trick.

Anyway, by way of apology for the fact this book is taking so long here’s a little sneak peak for the faithful. A word of warning… this is definitely going to be one of those things-get-worse-before-they-get-better type books. But they will get better… I promise.

For the first time in as long as I could remember I didn’t dream about fire.

I dreamed about her. I dreamed that she was at my side. Her soft and luxurious body, sharing my heat. I dreamed of a life together here on the mountain. I dreamed of a life together, a road we would travel into a shared future.

And when I awoke I was alone.

It didn’t have to be that way. Darla had made it clear she was willing to share my bed, even on a temporary basis. She wasn’t the only bitch sniffing around. I wasn’t their pack leader, not officially anyway, but I was the closest thing they had to one right now. Over time I began to suspect there was some kind of organised, ongoing effort to get me paired up with any available female. That they thought I would give in to temptation, forget about Carrie and claim one of them, and by extension the pack, as my own.

If that was their plan it was never going to work.

I was lonely. I craved companionship. But what I had felt with Carrie was so far above and beyond any kind of connection I had ever felt before that the idea of any kind of sexual encounter with another woman left me feeling cold and dead inside.

I had always envied those who had found their true mate. The one they were fated to spend the rest of their life with. The one that completed them. I had never expected to find my own. Not after Charlotte. Not after they burned my pack and I turned my back on my own kind.

For years I had been lost. I had turned my hands to many things. I had been a criminal, a soldier and a killer. When I was lost I had hopped in and out of the beds of humans and shifters alike. I hadn’t been looking for anything more than physical gratification. My needs an itch to be scratched before moving on.
But Carrie had changed all that. For the first time in my life I had felt it. The kind of connection that so many others had tried to explain to me. I had found my true mate. Except it was impossible. Humans and shifters could fall in love, sure. Although it rarely lasted. But not like this. The connection between us, and the effect it had on us, shouldn’t have been possible. In the end it all felt like a cruel joke.

Since she had gone every day had fallen into the same routine. I’d awaken and go for a run, before washing and throwing myself into any kind of work that kept me busy. Nothing in the camp that was broken stayed broken for long. I chopped wood, built shelters, hunted and cooked. All in a fruitless attempt to forget about her. It didn’t work of course. But by the end of the day I was too tired to do anything other than fall asleep. I couldn’t forget her, but I made sure I didn’t have the energy to dwell on her.

Before I had left her I promised Carrie that I would come find her. That I was on a mission and once I had taken care of unfinished business I would seek her out. At the time this had been my intention. But every day I found another excuse to stay. There was always something to fix or someone who needed my help.
Sometimes she spoke to me in my dreams. She lay on her side, propped up on one arm, giving my a playful smack when I ogled those magnificent breasts instead of paying attention. She asked me why she was still waiting. Why I hadn’t left the camp to pursue these loose ends. Why we were both still alone. Instead of answers I’d silence her with a kiss.

I wasn’t sure how long had passed. I wasn’t really keeping track of time. Weeks? Maybe a month? But there came a night where I didn’t dream of her. I didn’t dream of anyone other myself. Alone on a vast plain, howling at the moon. I couldn’t recall a time I had ever felt so alone. Wolves share their dreams with their kin. Some believe it is the echo of their scent, others think it is some kind of collective mystical experience. Whatever it is, they never dream alone.
When I awoke I tried to convince myself that it was a sign that I had moved on. That whatever cruel twist of fate that had brought Carrie into my life had been thwarted by my brute force approach to getting over her and moving on.

But if that were the case, why did my blood feel like iced water in my veins? Why did I feel as if something terrible were about to happen?
There was a frantic knocking on the side of the lean-to that I currently called home. Tyler, a teenage shifter who’d taken it upon himself to be some kind of personal assistant or squire. A complication I had neither asked for nor wanted.

“James, there’s someone coming. Big car, tinted windows. Smells like the man. Smells like trouble.”


I guess it was only a matter of time until my handler came looking for me.

I do not love it when plans don’t come together

Lone Alpha 2 is plotted and ready to be written. My plan was to really knuckle down and have it published by Christmas. Unfortunately the last two weeks I’ve been playing nurse to my poor sick boys (well one boy, one man) before succumbing  to the dreaded lurgy myself.

I’ve also realised that my release schedule may have been a little ambitious due to the fact that (a) Things get really busy around Christmas and (b) I don’t want to rush it for the sake of “cashing in”.

I’m still floored by how invested people have become in James and Carrie and how people have responded to the book. The thing is I don’t want to just churn out another story with James and Carrie in it as quickly as possible. I want it to be a continuation of the James and Carrie story… if that makes sense. I’d rather take my time and get it right.

So, to cut a long story short, I’d like to aplogise for people waiting for a follow-up. You’re going to need to wait a little longer than I thought, but hopefully it’s worth it! On the plus side I’ve had plenty of time to let the story gestate and I think it’s going to be… worth it that is!